Need Help Taking Care of Your Pup?

Visit our day care for dogs in Temple, TX

Taking care of your dog while working a full-time job can be difficult. Instead of leaving your dog in the crate all day, stop by Bark & Beyond Pet Salon. Our day care for dogs is available for half-day and full-day stays. We're proud to host a doggie day care for small to medium-sized dogs in the Temple, TX area.

Our daycare is a perfect setting for your fur baby to interact with other dogs of their same size, age and or breed. We keep our play groups small to be able to provide safe and monitored play time.

In doggie daycare, the dogs will socialize and play with friends in our safe, spacious and fun outdoor areas. They will be with other dogs in a fun and supervised environment. Daycare helps dogs learn manners with both people and other pups while providing exercise for dogs that would otherwise be at home alone all day.

Day Care Requirements

The safety of your pets and our employees is important to us. We have strict requirements to ensure that all pets who spend time at our facility remain safe and comfortable. In order for your pet to be able to attend our day care, she or he must meet the following requirements:

🐾 Pets must pass a temperament test
🐾 Pets must not be aggressive to people or other pets
🐾 Pets must not be toy of food possessive
🐾 Pets must be neutered
🐾 Pets must be free of all illness (please wait 7 days after coughing, vomiting or diarrhea to bring your pet back to day care) NO EXCEPTIONS

Day Care Rates

Doggie Day Care includes group play time in our large play area:

🐾 One-Time Temperament Test (required prior to first daycare visit) - $35
🐾 Half Day - 4 hours - $18
🐾 Full Day - 10 hours - $26.50
🐾 Additional hours can be purchased for $3 per hour

Learn the benefits of day care for dogs

Your dog can get sad and lonely sitting alone in the house all day. Luckily, we offer an alternative. Our doggie day care is perfect for your pooch because it:

🐾 Offers consistent routines and structure
🐾 Relieves any potential separation anxiety
🐾 Provides opportunities for physical exercise
🐾 Allows for safe socializing among other animals
🐾 Gives you peace of mind knowing your pet and property are safe
🐾 Younger dogs learn how to socialize properly
🐾 It offers company to pets who are lonely
🐾 It's a safe environment for your furry friend to play and stay active

We can only hold up to eight dogs at a time, so call our day care for dogs today to ask about pricing.