Make Your Dog Look Prim and Proper

Trust us for dog grooming services in Temple, TX

If you're looking for affordable dog grooming services, you've come to the right place. Bark & Beyond Pet Salon is your go-to for dog grooming services in Temple, TX. We offer cuts your pet will love, and so will you. And after we finish, we'll let them roam free to play in our stress-free environment.

Each dog breed needs special care throughout its visit. That's why our prices vary depending on the dog's size, coat and matting. We can groom:

🐾 Small-sized dogs - $50+
🐾 Medium-sized dogs - $57+
🐾 Large-sized dogs - $65+
🐾 Doodles and standard poodles - $75+

We also use organic shampoos that won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Leave everything to our experienced team

Whether you want stand-alone dog grooming services or something extra, we've got you covered. You can bring your dog to us for:

🐾 Brushing and nail filing - $5
🐾 De-matting - $8
🐾 De-shedding - $10
🐾 Small-sized bathing - $25
🐾 Medium-sized bathing - $35+
🐾 Large-sized bathing - $45+

There is a limit on the number of dogs we allow inside at a time. So call to schedule affordable dog grooming services with us today.